Tree Care Services: Tips on Caring for Hibiscus Trees

A tropical Hibiscus tree needs warm temperatures in order to grow healthy for years. It is not suitable for all year round exterior living North of climate zone 9, a Hibiscus tree can be placed in pots, which can be brought indoors if the temperature drop. Regular fertilization and sufficient light will assure an abundance of flowers. These conditions must be combined with ideal temperatures of approximately 60 to 90 ° Fahrenheit. Although there are not many Hibiscus plants, the largest and most colorful blooms can be seen on tropical Hibiscus trees.

With the right care, these beautiful ornamental flowers offer colorful bloom all summer long. The bright green foliage and flowers will thrive in soil which is rich and tropical temperatures. Only water them when they are dry due to the fact that over watering will make the roots rot. Whether installing them in the ground or a pot, make sure it has good drainage. For maximum blossom, give them a low phosphorous fertilizer every week during the summer months. If you are not sure, contact a local tree care services for more information.

The best temperature for Hibiscus trees is from 60 to 90 ° F. Temperatures above this will make the flower buds drop. In high temperatures, these plants must be watered regularly. Any period of freezing temperatures will normally kill a tropical Hibiscus tree immediately. Long before temperature begin to drop, bring the plant indoors for the cooler months.

Time indoors in the winter months will be a resting period for a hibiscus. Each tree should be in a pot instead of planting it in the ground, and then subsequently digging them up every fall. This will disturb the roots and can even be fatal. Before bringing it inside, the plant must be cut back and any dead leaves and flowers removed. Once inside, the plant requires warm temperatures, sufficient light and very little water.

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